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Local mining and migratory labor to South African mines are essential to Lesotho's economic fortune.Basotho workers produce clothing, footwear, leather goods, handicrafts, furniture, pottery and tapestries from mostly imported raw materials.

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Abstract This paper, using the case of Basotho of modem Lesotho, examines the experience of death, dying and mourning in the South African mining compounds during the period 1890 to 1940.

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Lesotho ( i/lɨˈsuːtuː/ li-SOO-too), officially the Kingdom of Lesotho, is an enclaved landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa. It is just over 30,000 km2 (11,583 sq mi) in size and has a population slightly over two million. Its capital and largest city is Maseru.

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Cover2Cover Books is an independent and innovative publisher of South African fiction and non-fiction.Some of the central questions addressed are: balancing structure and agency; how Basotho migrants coped with death and mourning in the mining compounds; the social history of commercial...

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For example, Basotho workers in the South African mining industry provide a valuable monetary lifeline to extended families in Lesotho. If they lose that capacity and return home, the loss of income drives poor communities deeper into poverty.

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+45 35323492. Abstract The article sets out to explore the impact of retrenchment of Basotho miners from South African mines on the conditions of contemporary Sesotho farming practices.

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Basotho men mainly worked on mines and at industries throughout South Africa and the numbers of these people only declined during the 1990s.MEDIA Sesotho is mainly used on SABC 2 a channel part of the South African Broadcasting Corporation's television section.

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Until late in the 1990s, employment for unskilled and uneducated able-bodied Basotho men on South African mines was usually available. As a result, the education of male children in most Basotho s was not prioritised.

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went to work in the South African gold mines and remitted funds to their parents and own s back home. With the retrenchment of Basotho men from the South African mines in post apartheid era migration has become more feminized in recent years.

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Basotho homes in Lesotho, South Africa. The Basotho hut is slowly, but surely, being nudged out of the Lesotho landscape in South Africa by modern construction.

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Its highly mechanised new diamond plant has failed to absorb tens of thousands of labourers laid off by South African mines.Many Basotho look to South Africa's government for compassion.

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The South Sotho or Basotho people settled in the area that was to become known first as Basutoland and later as Lesotho.A strong influence on modern Basotho society has been the fact that most of the men became labourers in the mining and production industries in South Africa.

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The previous experience of many of the Basotho in South African mines with automatic drills and dynamite was found to be most valuable. 1927 Company was among these and was one of those that provided a guard of honour for a visit by the Duke of Gloucester.

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The Negro Spirituals of the deep South, and the natural harmonies of the African in his own habitat, share a bond, indicating a common heritagea fervent call to all Basotho youth to rise and exult in the natural beauties of the land.more African tribal dances from the Witwatersrand Gold Mines.

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Among Basotho in southern Africa ‘Names’ and the naming process is a socio-cultural interpretation of historical events.Some names reflect the separation of the family members from the head of the owing to migratory labour to the South African mines.

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Additionally, given Lesotho's lack of industry, poor soil and general state of underdevelopment (it is one of the world's poorest countries, with a GNP per capita of US $770 in 1995), South African mines are the largest employer of Basotho workforce.

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As what the mine companies once called "foreign natives" (!), citizens of Lesotho are not legally entitled to join the South African union, but Basotho from both countries do in fact comprise a large segment of both its members and leaders.

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Africa for the African - The Life of Joseph Booth. The story of an unusual missionary.Basotho and the Mines. A Social History of Labour Migrancy in Lesotho and South Africa.

Basotho And the Mines A Social History of Labour Migrancy in Lesotho...

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