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Method 2. Determining Foam Characteristics of Bitumen Final 1 THE DETERMINATION OF THE FOAMING CHARACTERISTICS OF BITUMEN 1...

Off-Gassing: Modified Bitumen Fumes | Foam Roofing

Off-Gassing: Modified Bitumen Fumes. Paper Distributor SPF Project. Soy Based Foam: Media Propaganda or Green Revolution?

cold mix hot rolled asphalt hra and bitumen macadam dbm recycling using foam...

Foamed bitumen, bitumen emulsion, and/or cement, or a mixture, is combined with the pulverized aggregate to act as the binding agent, and after final shaping the material is rolled with a heavy roller.

Asphalt product, foamed bitumen asphalt product

Foamix is foamed bitumen asphalt; this is a blend of carefully combined ingredients, most of which are recycled aggregates, bound together by a ‘ foam’ of bitumen and water.

Bitumen foaming device

SUBSTANCE: device includes a mixer, bitumen and foaming liquid supply systems, which are equipped with shutoff valves and a dispersing device.


Keywords: foamed bitumen, bitumen emulsion, base course, expansion ratio, half-life time, cold recycling technology.


A process for the preparation of bitumen foam, wherein a gas is dispersed into the bitumen with a temperature of less than 200° C. and with a viscosity van...

Установка вспененного битума. Вспененый битум. Вспенивание битума....

GlobeCore®. международная торговая марка. ООО "Завод УКРБУДМАШ". Skype: biodieselmach. 36034, Украина, г. Полтава, ул. Садовского 8. тел./факс +38-0532-668645; моб.+38-067-1663333...

Patent US8206499 - Stable bitumen foam and its preparation and use - Google...

A process for the preparation of bitumen foam, wherein a gas is dispersed into the bitumen with a temperature of less than 200° C. and with a viscosity from 100-10,000 mPas measured at the temperature using EN 12596...

Moisture sensitivity of selected foamed bitumen-treated materials 1.58 Мб

with hot bitumen to create foamed bitumen Half-life Time in seconds in which foamed bitumen decreases to half of its maximum volume...

School of Civil Engineering 7.90 Мб

The effect of foaming water content (FWC) on foamed bitumen (FB) characteristics has been identified in terms of maximum expansion ratio (ERm) and half-life (HL).

Technologies: Foam Bitumen Stabilisation in Queensland || Call for Foam ...

Foam Bitumen Stabilisation in Queensland. This specialist process delivers a fast, effective and long-term rehabilitation solution to unbound and semi bound pavements that have exceeded their useful...

Road Recycling and Rehabilitation Mechanical Properties of Foamed Bitumen ... 4.55 Мб

FWD deflections over time Completed foamed bitumen layer Asphalt base Surfacing 12months later 18months later Increase in modulus of foamed bitumen layer Foamix Modulus (back analysis)...

Gravel stabilised with foamed bitumen 282 Кб

Foamed bitumen is made by injecting a very small quantity of water containing a foaming agent into a selected hot bitumen.

Foamed Bitumen Applications - Nynas

Foamed bitumen technology was initially introduced for the stabilisation and re-use of marginally contaminated aggregates across Europe.

Performance of foamed bitumen accelerated testing facility 597 Кб

Cold in place recycling of pavements using foamed bitumen is a construction technique that reclaims the existing distressed flexible pavement...

Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation 1.11 Мб

Foamed bitumen (also known as foamed asphalt, foam bitumen or expanded asphalt) is a mixture of Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation...

Rehabilitation works in queensland using foamed bituminous stabilisation 439 Кб

2. FOAM BITUMEN STABILISATION Foamed bitumen is produced by injecting air and water droplets under high pressure into hot bitumen.

AQUAblack® : the new foam bitumen technology

The great advantages of AQUABlack, the online foam bitumen generator. Over the last few years we have seen the consolidation of asphalt production at low temperatures on the basis of two main...

The Bitumen Stabilised Materials Engineering Essay

As many aspects of bitumen emulsion and foamed bitumen overlap this section looks at them both together, which sub-sections outlining the differences between the methods.

Updating Bituminous Stabilized Materials 811 Кб

Different types of aggregate blends, with and without RAP, with foamed bitumen or bitumen emulsion binders are being investigated.

Additives: 1.5% foamed bitumen 1.5% lime 3% water 3.56 Мб

In the last few years the use of foamed bitumen as a binding agent or the combination of foamed bitumen and cement has met a growing interest on an international level...

Method and equipment for producing foam bitumen - CMI Corporation

The use of foam bitumen in asphalt work is prior art. Even though foam bitumen has been commonly used, the method has quite often caused difficulties and problematic situations in practice.

South African Experience 449 Кб

South African Experience with In situ Recycling with Bitumen Emulsion and Foamed Bitumen Sadzik Elzbieta MSc Structures, MEng.

Foamed Bitumen – The Innovative Binding Agent for Road Construction 1.23 Мб

3. Using foamed bitumen as a binding agent in cold treated materials. 4. Examples of road rehabilitation projects using Foamed Bitumen worldwide.

Title 147 Кб

Construction of foamed bitumen stabilised pavement.Binder shall be Class 170 Bitumen in compliance with Part 225 "Supply of Bituminous Materials".

Laboratory scale foamed bitumen plant type Uvb-L 2.19 Мб

Control panel part view Controller view The UVB-L units are designed for sample preparation of the following: s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s asphalt emulsion, foamed bitumen, foamed asphalt, foam...

Characterisation of foamed bitumen 142 Кб

The foamed bitumen process is analogous to a baker beating an egg, which is viscous, into a foam of low viscosity before mixing it with flour.

สิทธิบัตร US3470016 - Bitumen-impregnated-foam material - Google ค้นสิทธิบัตร

United States Patent M 3,470,016 BITUMEN-IMPREGNATED-FOAM MATERIAL James R. Biles, Athens, and Wendell E. Brennan, Decatur

Task 11: Durability: Ageing of bituminous binder 224 Кб

Ageing behaviour does differ, however, for the foamed bitumen and bitumen emulsion, with the foamed bitumen having higher age hardening potential.

...depth reclamation / stabilization using expanded asphalt (foamed bitumen)... 5.09 Мб

Foamed Bitumen Stabilization was carried out to a depth of 200 to 225mm. The Foamed Bitumen Stabilization operation proceeded well and provided a smooth, hard...