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Basaltic and volcanic-rock aquifers

Numerous basalt flows commonly overlap, and the flows are separated by soil zones or alluvial material that form permeable zones.Basaltic rocks are the most productive aquifers in volcanic rocks.

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Basalt Rock Company, Napa CA. Most recent update: January 13, 2015. The Basalt Rock Company, Inc., was formed in 1920 to operate a rock quarry in Napa.

Igneous Rocks - Basalt

Igneous Rocks - Basalt. Colour: When fresh it is black or greyish black; often weathers to a reddish or greenish crust.If olivine is present the rock is called olivine basalt.

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Dictionary English → German: basaltic rock. Translation 1 - 50 of 956 >>.NOUN2. a basaltic rock | basaltic rocks.

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This procedure was tested in the analysis and selection of basalt deposits in China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. It is known characteristics of basaltic rocks...


For the cities, see Basalt, Colorado and Basalt, Idaho. Basalt Igneous Rock Composition.5 Life on basaltic rocks. 6 Distribution. 7 Lunar and Martian basalt.

Neighborhood Rocks: Scoria Basalt

Basalt is a plain, gray rock with an exciting history -- it formed as lava erupted from a volcano, cooled, and hardened. In our area, we find basalt chunks along some railroad tracks and basalt pebbles on...

Basalt - Igneous rocks

Basalt is a major rock type that occurs in virtually every tectonic setting. Basalt is clearly the most common volcanic rock on Earth and basaltic rocks (including gabbro...

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4 and 5), classifying the rocks into the "high-Al basalt suite" defined by Kuno (1960). The basement basaltic rocks from Sites 794 and 797 exhibit Nd and Sr isotope- and incompatible trace...

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Basalt is a common, gray to black volcanic rock. It is usually fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava on the Earth's surface. It may be porphyritic containing larger crystals in a fine matrix, or vesicular, or frothy scoria. Unweathered basalt is black or gray.

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Basalt (/bəˈsɔːlt/, /ˈbæsɒlt/, /ˈbæsɔːlt/, or /ˈbeɪsɔːlt/) is a common extrusive igneous (volcanic) rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava exposed at or very near the surface of a planet or moon. Flood basalt describes the formation in a series of lava basalt flows.

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The interest for production of the continuous fibers has the stated main basaltic rocks, including: andesite, andesite-basalt, diabase, dolerites, porphyries, gabbro - diabase, gabbro...

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Volcanic rock basalt rebar! Smart builders — these guys use local pumice aggregates that make for a safe and yet insulating concrete.

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This stone comes from around the Mt Eden Onehunga area and is unique due to its Volcanic origin and the general distribution throughout the Auckland area being south of the city down as far as Mangere and across to the Eastern suburbs.

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BASALT, in petrology, one of the oldest rock names, supposed to be derived from an Ethiopian word basal, signifying a stone which yields iron; according to Pliny, the first basalts were obtained in Ethiopia. In current usage the term includes a large variety of types of igneous rock belonging to the basic...


Basalt lava flows are not very viscous (a measure of resistance to flow) and so can flow easily and quickly across great distances delivering great volumes of basaltic rock.

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Basalts. The Poldervaart Treatise on Rocks of Basaltic Composition. V.1. Eds.H.H.HESS and the late A.POLDERVAART.

Basalt rock

Unweathered basalt is black or gray. Basalt magmas form by decompression melting of peridotite in the Earth's mantle, a process discussed in the entry for igneous rocks.

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Our products include Basalt Aggregate, Diabas, Slates, Marble, Limestone, Pumice Stones, Basalt Rocks, Travertine, Decorative hand works of Stone Art, Basalt Borders, Basalt Pavements...

basalt and "lava rocks"

Basalt is one of the most common rock types on Earth. Except for the coral, all of the rocks of Hawaii are basalts. Much of Oregon and Idaho is covered with basalt.

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Fine-grained basaltic lunar rocks are vesicular, with glass-lined pits on exposed surfaces that have been interpreted as micrometeorite impact scars. Lunar rocks differed from terrestrial basalts in lacking...

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Although basalt is much less common on continents, lava flows and flood basalts underlie several percent of Earth's land surface. Basalt is a very important rock.


G = groundmass, MP = microphenocrysts, P = phenocrysts, and O = ophitic. 750 PETROLOGY, MINERALOGY, AND CHEMISTRY OF BASALT Basaltic Rocks from Sites...

Top Basalt Rocks Sites - is the leading directory of popular Rocks, Stone Fountains, Rocks Crystals, & Basalt Rock sites.

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Rock Eating Bacteria Found at the Bottom of the Sea. Basalt Rocks. Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock that is very dark in color.

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What are basaltic rocks? In: Science [Edit categories].Basalts are rocks that are extruded from volcanoes. That means they are produced from LAVA that has erupted from a volcano. feldspar trachyte kimberlite mantle basalts...

A few igneous rock types with composition unlike basalt, such as nephelinite, do occur at the small basaltic cinder cones and flows but are extremely rare.

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Many moon rocks brought back by Apollo astronauts are of basaltic composition. Basalt is the volcanic equivalent of gabbro.

Basalt is one of the major igneous rock types.

Basalt is an extrusive or intrusive rock that makes up most of the world's oceanic crust. This specimen was erupted from Kilauea volcano in 1960. (more below).

GSA 2014: The puzzle of Gale crater's basaltic sedimentary rocks...

First: Every rock that Curiosity has seen is sedimentary. Second: nearly all of those sedimentary rocks have the bulk composition of an igneous rock called basalt.

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basalt, extrusive igneous (volcanic) rock that is low in silica content, dark in colour, andMinerals of the feldspathoid group occur in a large number of basaltic rocks belonging to the alkali group...