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SHERLINE 4400 Bench Top Lathes - | Machines or Tooling

The introduction of CNC machines into our production facility has greatly improved the accuracy of Sherline tools.

A better knurling Tool for the Sherline Lathe 262 Кб

The arms are 3/8 x 1/2” tool steel, grooved 3/16 for the knurling wheels I already had for the Sherline tool. Hole spacing on the arms is 2-5/8” – centered on the pivot end, offset on the wheel end.

Sherline Miniature Machine Tools

Shipping/handling charge waived if ordered with any tool or accessory.Return to SHERLINE's Home Page. Copyright 2001, Sherline Products Inc. All rights reserved.

Sherline 2000 mill - STL, SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

The 2000-series 8-direction mill was designed to take Sherline tools into the next century.This much versatility puts the Sherline model 2000 mill in a class by itself in this size range.

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The basic Sherline lathe, the Model 4000 (or 4100 with metric graduations) is supplied as standard with aSherline hand-powered screwcutting attachment. Sherline's own design of quick-set tooling.

Sherline Lathes for Bamboo Rodmaking

We are proud to offer Sherline lathes for the rodbuilder. These lathes do a far better job of turning reelI also really like the intimacy of working with can feel the tools cut and get right up on top of it.

Lathe Tools For Sherline

Plastools Lathe Tools for. Sherline, Taig, and Unimat etc. We offer three tools in the 222 SERIES.Sherline also has an optional tool post that requires 3/8" tool cutting height.


The Sherline machine tool accessory line is the world's most complete. These high quality, modular American made tools offer maximum value for the home, shop, lab, or small machine shop.

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I know I might have to purchase a few more cutting tools but I can get them locally at MSC. If there is any add on items I should get from Sherline please let me know.

Items in Bklyn-Hobbies shop on eBay.

Bklyn-Hobbies offers Sherline & Proxxon Miniature Machine Tools, RC V22 osprey, RC models, model railroading buildings and trains, sci-fi model kits, decals and lighing.

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Sherline is a machine tool builder founded in Australia and currently headquartered in Vista, California, USA. It builds miniature machine tools (microlathes and micromills) and a wide range of tooling to be used on them.

Sherline Products

The table T-slots are identical to those used on the Sherline mill and lathe, making the vast line of Sherline tooling available for use with this product.

Why Sherline tools are your best buy

Though not the cheapest tools you can buy, we do feel that Sherline tools offer the best valueóthe most …bang for the buckîóof any tool in the miniature machine tool market.

Sherline Tools | United States (US)

Boring bar v-block for unimat,craftsman 109 adjustable tool post,sherline lathe $12.5.

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Sherline Tool Post Riser Block. Allows our QCTP to be used on your Sherline when you use a headstock riser. Dual T-nut mount to cross slide.

Sherline Home and Garden - | Sherline 1296 - Cutoff Tool...

Sherline 3047 Extended Wood Tool Rest Set - The Sherline lathe is used by many hobbyists to turn wooden parts. In wood turning the...

Sherline Lathe cutoff tool tips / thanks to Jerry Kieffer - YouTube

Who would have thought that a shadow line would be used to describe how to align a lathe tool?, when the shadow's line up (or go away) it's in line,, just a very quick way of aligning the rear mounted parting...

FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY on Sherline’s 3.5" Metal Lathe, Vertical Milling... 1.57 Мб

I recently wrote a book called Tabletop Machining that is specifically directed to the owners of Sherline tools and to anyone who wants to learn to make small, metal parts.

Sherline Tool Length Probe: Adding a Jack | The Smell of Molten Projects...

The catch is that the Sherline motor driver box doesn’t include connections for any of the parallel port input pins.Tweak the Sherline.ini file to add support for tool changing with the G30 command

Tayloredge - Sherline Mill

The 2000-series 8-direction mill was designed to take Sherline tools into the next century. Patterned after the movements of the industry standard for full-size mills, the Bridgeport® mill...

Taig Tools or Sherline? | Forum

I have looked at the Taig Tools and Sherline Lathes, and they both look pretty good to me. There is a price difference, and I am asking those of you that use these machines, your opinion based on the machine, and if you know about them, the pros and cons.

Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale - 2,000-lb Capacity Sherline Tools 5780

129.95 USD. Lowest Prices for the best Tools from Sherline. Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale - 2,000-lb Capacity part number 5780 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

SHERLINE Lathe Operating Instructions 481 Кб

The standard Sherline tool post is designed to hold common 1/4" square tool bits which have had a few thouhs of an inch (.1mm) ground off the top edge for sharpening.

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2 3 5 7 Why Sherline Tools Are Right For You Projects by Sherline Machinists Sherline, The Small Solution to Big Problems Compare Sherline Quality (Machine feature list) LATHES...

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Sherline 4500B – CNC-ready 3.5" x 8" Lathe with "Zero" Adjustable Handwheels.high speed cutting tool, 8-foot three-wire power cord and instruction booklet.

Grinding Your Own Lathe Tools

If you're not good at guessing at angles use a pre-sharpened SHERLINE tool to set the angle. Metal cutting tools are very tolerant on angles.

Sherline Products - mini lathes, mills and machine tool accessories

Sherline Products makes USA quality, manual and CNC miniature lathes, mills and machine tool accessories for hobbyists, modelers, jewelers and engineers.


3/8" Round Boring Tools Sherline offers boring tools with two different tip shapes: The P/N 2259 boring tool accepts an 80° carbide insert and requires a minimum hole size of 1/2".

Low Cost Cad/Cam for 3D surface modeling and desktop CNC machining

Model 2000 CNC Mill: The 2000-series 8-direction mill was designed to take Sherline tools into the next century.