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Key words: zinc, depression, antidepressants, NMDA, BDNF Introduction Depression is a psychiatric disorder with high morbidity and mortality.

Low Zinc and Depression: Shocking Discoveries

The clinical trial evidence for the zinc-depression link is still slim, but researchers do give us cause to believe that the two are related

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The role of zinc (Zn) in anxiety, depression and psychosis was studied in rodents. Zn was administered at doses of 15 and 20 mg/kg intraperitoneally for 7 days.

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Depression is associated with a lower concentration of zinc in peripheral blood. The pathophysiological relationships between zinc status and depression...

Zinc, Depression, and Everything

Today I will review more specific and up-to-date information about the interplay between zinc and depressive disorders and inflammation. Let's summarize the human evidence thus far (1): 1) Depressed patients in studies have a lower serum zinc level than normal controls.

Zinc and depression

Other signs of IRS activation, which have been reported in major depression are lowered serum zinc (Zn) and serum albumin (Alb) concentrations.

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Zinc deficiency can occur in soil, plants, and animals. In animals, including humans, it is defined either qualitatively as insufficient zinc to meet the needs of the body and thereby causing clinical manifestations, or quantitatively as a serum zinc level below the normal range.

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Cathy W. Levenson, PhD Low serum zinc levels have been linked to major depression.McLoughlin IJ, Hodge JS. Zinc in depressive disorder. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 1990;82:451–3 Nowak G...

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Can a zinc supplement treat depression?Additionally, there was evidence that incrementally lower zinc levels correlated positively with the severity of clinical depression.

Zinc Deficiency and Depression

Zinc deficiency and depression are interlinked entities. It is due to the zinc quantity in the system dipping that one remains gloomy and also displays suicidal traits. In order to know more about zinc deficiency and its effects on an individual's mental and psychological well-being, read through this article.